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Ever considered introducing some special sex toys or individually crafted intimate jewelery into your life? Looking to add that extra bit of spice to your sex life, but walking into a sex store just isn't for you? Don't worry, you're not alone! The internet certainly offers a huge variety of sex toys to choose from, but there's something to say about building your own just the way you want it. That's where the SexTics wiki comes in handy.

Homemade sex toys are a fun project to build the sex toy you've always wanted but either were too embarrassed to buy or it was priced high enough that you said to yourself - "Hell, I could do that myself!" Well, you were right!

The do-it-yourself approach is one of creativity and ingeniuity. If you lack one, you make up for it with the other! Now if you lack both, hey, don't worry, we've got you covered. These do-it-yourself homemade sex toys instructions are for free and written to be a user-friendly guide to the construction of a wide assortment of popular and unique sex toys that will drive you and/or your lover wild!

Stop looking and start building!

It's time to start building! Yes, you read that right - some assembly is required, but that's the fun part. Or at least the first fun part! We'll walk you through the steps of building that toy you always wanted for Christmas, but never got. Just call us the dirty sex toy elves!

You are encouraged to publish your personal guide for a nice toy here.


Who's with me and writes an article about the production of anal plugs, dildos, vibrators? Which specialist expert knows unusual recipes for aphrodisiacs, erotic meals, sexy cocktails, pussy muffins, edible body powder? Is there a chemists who can explain how to make sensual bath products, custom body paint, cosmetics, homemade floating candles and cold wax candles? Which tailor explains how to make a lovesac and sensual clothes (tanga, egg cosy, panties, bra, garter belts)? Which carpenter can describe the construcktion of a suspended bed, a love swing (sling) and other erotic furniture? Which SM fan gives hints for making your own lashes, hand and ankle restraints and other bondage devices? Which goldsmith shows the production of erotic jewelry (penis jewelry, nipple rings)? Which electronics engineer can write a HOWTO about building safe electrical stimulation devices? Which electrician shows how to install a romantic lighting in the bedroom? Which photographer, director gives instructions for erotic photos and movies? Who can explain how tattoos and piercings can be done yourself? Who can invent an erotic game? Which writer can give some ideas about making an erotic coupon booklet? Who has ideas about custom body lotion and massage oil? How to make rin-no-tama balls? How to make a penis or vulva imprint? Do you have other ideas for stimulating toys?

Also I am looking for people which are doing some propaganda, public relations and quality assurance (improvement of products, spelling, technical correctness)? Anyone who is familiar with the medical and psychological issues in sex toys?

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