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Probably there is penis jewelry since the Stone Age with many different design ideas. This article is about the jewelry which can be inserted temporarily into the front part of the male urethra (urethra masculina) and will not be attached to the outside of the penis. This jewelry is known as penis plug, cock plug and penis screw, cock screw.

Jewelry attached to the urethra e.g. piercings and jewelry attached outside to the penis e.g. prince's wand should be covered by a separate article in this wiki. Also separate article about sounds, dilatators and hegar plugs is in the works.

For many men, the idea to introduce an object into the urethra seems scary and repulsive. Others report an intense and pleasurable sensation of pressure. The first of three constrictions within the male urethra below the glans is called navicular fossa and is capable of particularly internally stimulation.

Penis plugs and penis screws are available from different manufacturers, in different forms, made from different stuff (metal, silicone) and different diameters. Most of them are hollow. Here we present three products offered by MEO.

Penis Plug Little Friend
Penis Plug Little Friend

Penis Plug: Little Friend (5 mm to 10 mm diameter, 25mm insertable length, hollow along its entire length). This diameter seems too thick for most urethras

Penis Plug Slim Sin
Penis Plug Slim Sin

Slim Sin plug (4 mm up to 6 mm diameter, 25 mm insertable length, hollow along the entire length)

Cock Screw (3 mm up to 9.5 mm diameter, 25 mm insertable length, hollow along the entire length) (without image yet)


How to find the right diameter?

Before buying you should check which diameter fits. How is it possible to measure the inside diameter of the urethra? Attention: there should be no breakable or sharp objects inserted. In a forum I found chopsticks recommended but I urgently advise to use them not, as they may break. Plastic objects can contain harmful pollutants. I suggest to bend a soft wire to a probe in an U shape. Using a ruler or better with a caliper, the width of the probe can be determined. If you want to be very professional use a set of dilators e.g. hegar pins with increasing diameters.


Glycerin Lubricant
Glycerin Lubricant

The penis plug should always be inserted with lubricant. Commercially available lubricants seem overpriced to me. Instead you can use glycerol from the drugstore.

At the end of the penis plugs offered by MEO there is a locking ring. This ring prevents accidental slipping of the penis plugs into the urethra. This ring also prevents prolonged wearing, e.g. throughout the day or wearing during intercourse. The retaining ring is annoying and can irritate the glans and urethra opening unpleasantly. With the correct selection of the diameter the penis plug can be inserted easily, but does not hold on its own for a whilein the urethra. From time to time therefore it must be re-adjusted. Who prefers a better hold should choose a penis screw.


gummy bears
gummy bears

Who has access to a CNC lathe can design a custom penis plug made of surgical steel. Or hire a company specialized in the manufacture of intimate jewelry, e.g. SkinTech, which can also process special materials for example titanium. A secure design of the penis plug is important, it shall have no sharp edges or corners, can be easily cleaned, should have no moving parts and should fit securely, which means it may not easyily fall out of the urethra, and not in inadvertently sliding in. You can also make a custom design with a CAD program. It would be nice if in some time some CAD files for free general use would be found under a CC license here.

A possible alternative is the use of gummy bears. A soft gummy bear fits almost exactly into the urethral opening, holds better and is more comfortable to wear than the hard metal products. Note that it contains fruit acid which may irritate the mucous membranes and depending on the width of the urethra it can not be excluded that the jelly baby slips deep inside and has to be removed with professional medical assistance.

Soon I would like to try the use of silver wire. The material is easy to process and certainly less harmful to health than other metal wires. In various forums I found recommendations for copper wire and even solder. These materials appear to me a health risk.

Under the name of figging the use of ginger is known. Note: Ginger can irritate the sensitive mucous membranes. Though a ginger stick but should hold up fairly well and does not slip out so easily.


The urethra of women (feminina urethra) is much shorter. So more caution should be exercised in experiments.


Who does not want to make the above products yourself, it is available among our partners Amazon and MEO:

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